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Misamis Oriental
is in northern Mindanao. It is bounded on the north by Macajalar Bay and the Bohol Sea, on the east by Agusan del Norte, on the west by Iligan Bay, and on the south by Bukidnon and Lanao del Norte.
Capital: Cagayan de Oro City
Land Area: 3 575 sq km
Population: 1 000 000
Cities: Cagayan de Oro, Gingoog
Number of Towns: 24

The land

The province has an irregular coastline indented by two bays - Macajalar and Gingoog. The eastern part consits of angular hills cut by streams in deep gorges. The central part is characterized by sloping lowlands and river valleys. The western part has rough hills rising abruptly from the sea. The coastal lowlands are narrow.

The eastern part of the province has pronounced rainfall from November to January. The central and western part are relatively dry from November to April and wet the rest of the year.

A Brief History

The name "Misamis" comes from the word "kuyamis," a local variety of sweet coconut. The province´s original inhabitants were Bukidnons and the Manobos. They were driven into the interior when Visayan settlers arrived.

Misamis used to be a part of the diocese of Cebu. In 1818, it became a "corregimento" comprised of four divisions: Misamis, including Iligan, Dapitan, Cagayan and Catarman, on the island of Camuigen. In 1850, it included Bukidnon and the northern part of Cotabato. At close of the Spanish era, Misamis constituted on of the seven districts of Mindanao.

On November 2, 1929, Misamis was divided into two provinces. However, it was not until November 28, 1939 that the division was formally implemented.

The People

The majority of the population in the coastal lowlands are of Visayan descent.

The main dialect is Cebuano. Other dialects spoken in the province are Hiligaynon, Waray and Maranao.

Commerce and Industry

Fishing is an important industry. Coconut, corn, coffe and bananas are the major crops. In the mountain ranges are mineral lands that have been exploited.

Because of its strategic location, Misamis Oriental is becoming a center of industry, trade and commerce. About 37 major industrial and manufacturing firms are located in the province, including the country´s largest industrial estate.

Getting There and Away

Domestic flights from Manila and Cebu are available.

Ferries and fastcrafts ply the Cagayan-Cebu route several times a week.

Buses all over the Mindanao Island depart for the province several times a week.

Other Information

Misamis Oriental, being a costal province has 33 beaches.

Gingoog also have a number of falls, inlcuding the Libon-Lawit Waterfalls, which are three falls conected by the same stream.

Caves worth exploring are spread throughout the province.

The Santillano Shell Collection exhibts over 1000 priceless shells from all over the world.

Cagayan de Oro holds the Kagayhaan Festival as a local Mardi Gras during the annual feast of the city´s patron, St. Augustine.

Map of Misamis Oriental Province


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